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Try this incredible 90-Day 'Stress Resilience' training programme that helps with:

  • Development of personal resilience by increasing awareness of physical tension that negatively influences our behaviour and ability to respond calmly and objectively to any given stimuli.

  • Training the mind to gradually release psychological tension that results in anxiety and/or depression without the need to verbally express it.

  • Correcting physical posture by strengthening weak muscles and releasing unnecessary tension in others.

  • Grounding the body, rebalancing the positive and negative charge of the electromagnetic system that is the human body.

Resilience and Anti-Anxiety Training (RAAT) is a step by step programme for developing greater personal resilience that promotes the release of physical tension stored in the body as a result of emotional and psychological stress and/or trauma.

The body stores tension on a superficial level and habitually at increasingly deeper levels depending on the severity of the stress or trauma. Deep-lying physical tension, often stored in our hips and chest, negatively affects our behaviour and influences our responses to certain stimuli. RAAT programs the body and mind to develop sensitivity to this tension and the effects it has on us while also helping us to release it.

Of primary importance is correct physical alignment. Incorrect posture is responsible for a great deal of excess tension in the body and is usually the result of weakness in certain muscle groups and unnecessary tension in others. The RAAT programme will gradually correct your body alignment, strengthening weak muscles and relaxing others that have been incorrectly employed over time.

RAAT also begins the process of grounding the body. A lot of anxiety is the result of a lack of physical grounding. More information on the science of grounding can be found here

While concurrently correcting body alignment and programming the body to ground or root, RAAT also develops the connection between the body and the mind, increasing the level and quality of awareness of the physical body - where excess tension is and insights into what caused it. It also provides the tools necessary to release that tension.

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