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Well-being at work is vital for the long-term, sustainable productivity and efficiency of any successful business. If the mental or physical health of your employees and colleagues is imbalanced, their ability to create and organise their workload is severely impeded.

A workforce with a healthy quality of mind and sound physical health is more robust, which not only reduces sick leave but increases focus, motivation and creativity.

Keith Abraham is a combat military veteran who served eight years in the UK's elite Parachute Regiment. His experiences fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan became the catalyst for a profound personal transformation and upon leaving the military, joined J. P. Morgan where he swapped the intensity of war for that of the corporate world.

In the midst of this high-pressure environment, Keith discovered the benefits of meditation and the Internal Martial Art of Tai Chi. Not only did these new tools ensure an easier personal transition from military to civilian life but when promoted and shared among his new colleagues, he found the productivity and efficiency of the wider office improved.

Keith's unique life experience, successfully bridging the military and corporate divide, combined with his ability to share his knowledge in an accessible and meaningful way, is facilitating great personal change among his clients.

Focusing on increasing awareness of self-limiting beliefs, the balancing of emotions, physical flexibility and the release of chronic tension from the body, this Corporate Well-Being package will transform your workplace and your workforce, creating a more productive, happy and motivated working environment.

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