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Guidance and Companionship

Embarking on a psychedelic journey is often a daunting task, even before the ceremony begins. If you're new to psychedelics then it is wise to consult a responsible and experienced practitioner for advice on how best to prepare yourself for your experience, what precautions to take and how best to integrate your experience into your life.

Keith Abraham is CEO of a organisation focused on helping UK military and emergency services veterans gain legal access to psychedelic therapy. His experience helping veterans prepare for and integrate psychedelic experiences is invaluable when it comes to serving civilians in the community too.

Keith will create a customised preparation programme focused on the two weeks prior to your experience and will then provide private integrative coaching for a total of six weeks after your experience. He is also able to provide companionship and support during your experience.

For more information and details on pricing, please select the button below and use the subject heading 'Psychedelic Support'.

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