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Welcome to La Fonte!

A 200-year old farmhouse sitting pretty, high up on the side of a beautiful valley in “Italy’s  Green Heart” - Umbria, La Fonte overlooks deep woods filled with wild boar, porcupines and porcini mushrooms, fields of sunflowers, orchards and, of course, vineyards.

Less than one hour’s drive from Perugia Airport, La Fonte is an idyllic retreat. Sleeping eight people served by two bathrooms and two kitchens, it also boasts a stunning private pool with views of the entire valley. Due to its elevated position, the pool is overlooked only by the Italian oak trees of the adjoining forest. Therefore, you’ll always have your privacy and the uninterrupted views of the Umbrian countryside.

From our south-facing terraces, you’ll enjoy sunrise and sunset along with our resident colony of swifts as they hunt for their food (spring and early summer). In the evenings, after the swifts have finished their display, the bats come out and, if you visit in June/July, you’ll also witness the beautiful fireflies as they silently float around, blinking among the trees and flowers.

In addition to all that natural beauty, our lovely neighbours grow their own fruit and veg and also produce their own olive oil and wine! All of which can be delivered in time for your arrival (upon request*) and throughout your stay. You can pick up everything else you need at either of the two local and well-stocked stores. You can also enjoy delicious coffees and pizzas at the local café (Bar Lo Spaccio) and pizzeria (Bar Bucci).


All of April & May: €240.00 per night

All of June & September: €260.00 per night

All of July & August: €290.00 per night

*Local produce not included in the nightly price

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If you would like to know more about human resiliency or learn the Internal Arts, reserve your place on a retreat, book Casa La Fonte or request Keith for a public engagement, please get in touch using the contact form or email below:

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