Lotus Pose



Linkwork gives us practical tools to start the process of linking body and mind through awareness work.

Underpinning our system is the recognition that awareness refinement is an ongoing process. Therefore, our syllabus provides a step-by-step method to guide you at every stage of this process.

First, we need to build a foundation on the physical level. The process of growth has to be firmly rooted in our body. Physical awareness provides us with a gateway to develop awareness on the level of the mind.

Growth is an organic process of transformation that takes place everywhere, all the time. There is vast potential for growth in all things and all beings – this is a defining feature of existence. Because of this, growth can feel like an arbitrary process at times.

However, it is possible to harness the potential for growth that exists inside us all in order to elicit a deep process of transformation on the levels of body and mind.

There is an art to harnessing this potential for growth. Understanding the function of awareness in the wider context of growth is key. When it is supplemented with practical methods, this understanding can bring deep transformation into our lives.


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