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All Ayahuasca retreats in Peru are postponed until international lockdowns are lifted.

Our exclusive retreats will be held at the beautiful La Medicina retreat centre on the outskirts of Tarapoto, Peru. Tarapoto lies in the San Martín region of northern Peru, characterised by Amazonian cloud forest and abundant palm trees.

The incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff at La Medicina will be hosting the retreat and they have a great deal of experience offering these services.  All accommodation, food and up to four Ayahuasca ceremonies performed during the week are included in the price with a maximum of eight participants.

We ask participants to book flights arriving into Tarapoto the day before and departing the day after the retreat dates.

*Please note, it is the responsibility of the participant to book and pay for any accommodation required prior to the start and after the end of the retreat*. However, we would be very happy to recommend places to stay and eat nearby. 

Ayahuasca is the name given to a drink made with a mixture of at least two plants, one the woody ayahuasca vine, plus another plant such as chacruna to give visions. Various other plants can be added, such as tree barks, different roots and so on, each mixture having a different quality and effect when taken. There are various types of ayahuasca vine. Eight varieties of which are planted on the land that forms the retreat centre, as part of an ongoing preservation project. Each type of ayahuasca has its own effects and medicine, with 'Cielo' (heaven or sky) being the most commonly used. Ayahuasca is taken in a ceremonial context, a ritual that helps people experience this potentially life-changing medicine to its fullest extent.

Ceremonies are held in the Maloca (ceremonial building). Participants gather around 6pm with ceremonies starting at 6:30pm and running until around 11pm. On ceremony days the final meal of the day is lunch.  Herbal tea is allowed until 2pm, and water until 6pm. After a ceremony, guests can go back to the Guesthouse/Tambo or rest in the Maloca.  

Help is always available prior to, during and after ceremonies and there will be plenty of time and space for individual attention.

Icaros (sacred medicine songs) are usually sung for the duration of the ceremony, but there are periods of talking if appropriate. Although the work is serious, there are always moments of humour to lighten things up. Icaros help manage the energy during the ceremony and provide a point of reference for participants to focus on if things get turbulent.

Due to the nature of this retreat, a careful and thorough vetting process will be conducted prior to confirming places. There are only eight (8) spaces available for this retreat. While Ayahuasca is a powerful tool for growth and healing, this retreat is NOT appropriate for those currently experiencing serious mental health issues. Nor is it appropriate for those simply wanting a strange new experience. This retreat IS appropriate for those with manageable PTSD, anxiety, depression or those simply ready to make a big change in their lives but would benefit from greater clarity and guidance.

Six-night retreat with a maximum of four ceremonies: $2,995 per person, which includes all food, accommodation and ceremonies for the duration of the retreat.

It does NOT include flights or additional accommodation.

To register your interest or begin the vetting process, please use the button below.